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If we like your clip and you have followed the guidelines AND agreed to our agreement you can Get Cash For Clips.

We do not want nude clips, so please wear a minimum of a thong and bra, or lingerie, or a bikini, or other brief outfit, so we’re not “R-rated.” Walk, dance, or both as yummy as you can so everyone is hot to see your clips! Do NOT wear BLACK or dark colors (except for thongs).

PLEASE DO NOT DO WALKING OR BOOTY DANCING IN FRONT OF ANYTHING YOU DON’T HAVE SOLE RIGHTS TO, SUCH AS background posters/pictures/photos, logos or art or designs on clothing or in the background or on storefronts. (Suggested background: plain wall, wallpaper, brick wall, fence, grass, sidewalk or street without signs or billboards.) We cannot use clips that infringe on anyone’s rights or copyrights. Any music or sounds are fine, since we don’t use sounds in submitted clips, or we supply our own. If we like your clips enough, we may wish to offer you a deal, like we did with Fanny and Tassy, who got their own DVDs.

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If Pin the Tail on the Culture pays me $20 (each) for one or more video clips I submit to them, then they thereby receive from me the right to use this/these paid-for ($20) clips on their websites as videos, stills, etc., as well as the right to include these clips in videos they sell or display anywhere and the right to edit, delete, and/or juxtapose any part of these clips.

I am either the videographer or I have full permission in writing from the videographer to let Pin the Tail on the Culture display my clip(s) and include these clips in videos they sell if they wish. I certify that such use will not violate the rights of any third parties, nor infringe on anyone’s copyright, including those holding rights related to my clip(s)' background posters/pictures/photos, logos or art or designs on clothing or in the background. I acknowledge that Pin the Tail on the Culture to use my video(s) even after they pay me.

I hereby certify and represent that I am of legal age (at least 18 years old) and have every right to contract in my own name in connection with this Release, and that I have read the foregoing and fully understand the meaning and effect thereof, and intending to be legally bound I have signed this authorization . . .

. . . by clicking I AGREE, on our home page.

  1. Some ladies look best walking in pants, some in bikini bathing suits or undies, some in shorts, some in skirts. If you choose pants and they block some of your oscillations or lovely quivers, your walk will be seen as less beautiful. But if the pants are thin enough to block nothing pretty in your walk, or if even thicker pants like jeans cannot hide the majesty of the lovely details of your pretty walk, your choosing pants is appropriate.
  2. The least amount of clothing we accept in clips will be a thong bathing suit or thong undies on the bottom and a top that totally covers your nipples. If we see any part of your nipples because the top is either missing or transparent, we’ll admire the clip but it won't be used unless we happen to feel like editing in blurs or censorship boxes. If we see public hair and/or genitals because a bottom is either missing or transparent, we’ll admire the clip but it won't be used unless we happen to feel like editing in blurs or censorship boxes. Maybe we’ll want bare clips someday since we find all parts of women’s bodies to be natural and beautiful. But this is not that day. We want to be rated TV-14 like TV shows such as Las Vegas or those model shows or Victoria’s Secret specials, etc. We show no more than these shows do. They have thong-clad backsides and jiggle, and so do we. But they mostly push the scrawny model ideal, while we feel that a more voluptuous, natural standard is healthier and less oppressive to women than the starved, bony, butt-less look. In your heart you know we’re right. People throughout history have mostly agreed with OUR standard, not the current starved look.
  3. If backsides or breasts jiggle, it’s not the ones that jiggle MOST that are best, but the ones that jiggle most beautifully. Whether this is the MOST jiggling or the biggest jiggle is up to viewers to decide. Remember, we’re trying to promote an alternative to the skinny-model ideal where all body fat is seen as evil. Ladies need 20% to 27% body fat. A lady with a LOT of quiver should definitely send clips, since sometimes a lively, quivering backside or chest is a delight to see. But there can also be too much of a good thing. The best way, logically, to improve your chances of clip acceptance is to get filmed in pants as well as a bikini and let US determine if the quiver and jiggle get MORE aesthetic or less aesthetic with more fabric on them. But if you're modest and want to be in pants, skirt, or shorts, just make sure the fabric isn't so thick that all jiggle or quiver is stopped. You may have been told that jiggle or quiver is bad, ugly, means you're fat, or some other nonsense. We don’t buy it. If the lady our site uses as an example had quiver as well as the wonderful oscillations you see in her walk, that would be just fine, natural, beautiful, and aesthetic. But she's a dancer and her gorgeous backside is all muscle with no quiver. That too is just fine, natural, beautiful, and aesthetic. She's perfect the way she is and so are you!
  4. ACCEPTANCE OF YOUR WALKING OR DANCING CLIP: We reserve the right to not accept any clip that fails to meet our standards of pretty walking or dancing or violates anyone's copyright. It is OK if you just booty dance or just walk, or both. As long as the movements are yummy, all is well!
  5. PRIVACY: Your real name will not be given to anyone or displayed unless you ask us to. Your real name is required for the release form but you can use a fake name for us to display on our site—the form has an input box for that. Do NOT use celebrity names to be funny, or nasty names.

  6. HOW TO WALK: Many backside blessed women have learned to hold their hips rigidly (so as to not call attention to their backside, or wiggle or bounce inadvertently). This may have worked well for them on the streets and sidewalks, since they don't wish to attract stalkers, losers and harrassers. That's smart: in fact it's called "street smarts." But if your body manifests all this defensive "armor" and rigid walking patterns in front of the camera, you'll be communicating a message antithetical to our site's purpose, so in this paragraph we’ll help you to "loosen up" and get you expressing not defensiveness but freedom, femaleness, openness, poetry in motion, and physical beauty so the camera loves you, and if the camera loves you, so will our site visitors. We want you to move naturally and fluidly. Check out the clip of our example lady. Notice that she does not swing her hips from side to side horizontally like a scrawny clothing model vamping, strutting and sashaying on a runway. The hip movements are VERTICAL. From behind, this means one hip/bun goes up a little and the other goes down a little and then they alternate, and it looks nice. And female. And glamorous. The female pelvis is built to walk that way. Those of you (like Fanny, our example lady) who are into dance and other types of movement should be able to see what's happening right away. What you all can see is that her hips move freely and she doesn't "hold" them in any way—she lets loose of her backside muscles totally. They don't swing unnaturally from side to side, but rotate forward to back and up and down. When you practice, you'll find that you'll be able to do this by letting go of your holding patterns rather than by actually forcing yourself to move like this. Have fun. Some of you may already be good at this; others may have to regain a lost art your body knew naturally when you were 13 but when you reached physical maturity suddenly and boys teased you, you turned your pelvis into stone to stop the teasing and have been walking FROZEN ever since. (This happens a LOT in this country.) Loosen up, ladies. Above all, we'd like to encourage you to allow your body to express LIVELINESS. The camera adores liveliness. And so do we. And so do directors, such as Steven Spielberg—his wonderful movies prove it. Get the point?
  7. HOW TO ENTER:You can put clips on sites like YouTube, MySpace, or Photobucket, or send a CD or DVD of your clips.

    CD or DVD envelope or case must have a label that CLEARLY indicates the entrant’s name, and email address. You may hand-write info on the label side of the disc with a CD-marker, but DON'T put a sticky label on it! They can gum up or wreck players so DVDs or CDs with paper labels will be discarded! Feel free to include along with your clip, if you wish, a face or other frontal or side view JPEG image (or other computer file type for images) which we may display with your clip, if it seems appropriate to us. (Suggestion: side view of body from mid-thigh to top of head with face turned toward camera, since great walkers often have GREAT side views.) This particular photo may have been used elsewhere as it isn't the clip to be considered, but you must own all rights to it. But your video clip (i) may not have been previously published or won any prize/award, (ii) must be the exclusive original work of the entrants, true and verifiable and you must have all rights to it, (iii) may be with or without audio—we don’t care since we will not use your sounds, (iv) may not be inappropriate or offensive, Pin the Tail on the Culture in its sole discretion, and (v) may not defame or invade publicity rights or privacy of any person, living or deceased, or otherwise infringe upon any person’s personal or property rights or any other third party rights such as copyright.
  8. ADDRESS Pin the Tail on the Culture, PO Box 22902, Eugene, OR 97402.

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