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                Press Release


Beautiful Movements Contest: A Woman’s Walk Can Be Poetry

The Yummiest Walker in the US Can Win Great Prizes

EUGENE, Pin the Tail on the Culture today announced a contest to find the most beautiful walker in the USA.

In an effort to support and promote the aesthetics of curvaceous beautifully walking women, the company will award three prizes to the best entries. (Note that we’re NOT saying beautiful walking women, but beautifully walking women—the face is irrelevant, only the walk is important.) The company will showcase all acceptable entries on the company’s contest website, http://www.poetryinmotion.info along with links to the contestant’s web address or email. When winners are picked in January 2007, they’ll be announced on the site.

"You don’t have to be pretty to win," says spokesperson Michelle Taylor, "like you do in most contests for women. You just need to walk really nicely. And we’re not looking for skinny models—we consider them bad role models. You can win even if your face doesn’t show on the video you send in. This contest is about the beauty of a yummy walk. Poetry in motion. It helps if you have the right body type to really look beautiful when you walk."

Taylor goes on to say that "An important reason to call attention to shapely females and their beautiful walks is to help fight the tyranny of the skinny fashion model body role model that’s being drilled daily into the heads of this country’s females. The young are especially vulnerable to the media’s portrayal of emaciated females as ‘attractive.’ The media has created unhealthy, unrealistic standards that are dangerous (and even fatal), as well as oppressive and psychologically damaging."

The prizes to be awarded are:

Prizes: SEE CONTEST SITE FOR DETAILS. The prizes will be awarded to either the contestant or the photographer, or it may be shared by the two if they enter jointly.

No purchase is necessary and no entry fee is required. The contest ends at 11:59 PM (PT) on December 31 of each year.

Contestants should mail AVI DV files, WMV files, MOV files, or MPEG files on a CD or DVD. These must be data files for PCs, not files for TV set-top DVD players. Detailed entry information is available at the contest website at http://poetryinmotion.info —note this is NOT a .com address.

Contestants and their photographers must be 18 years or older, US citizens from any state except Florida, Rhode Island, or Arizona, or where prohibited.


Contestants can go to the http://poetryinmotion.info site and watch the hostess demonstrate a pretty walk. They’ll see that she just lets her backside’s muscles relax so her walk isn't tight and plastic and guarded and uninteresting. Uninteresting walking is perfect for ladies walking in public. It’s part of what's called street smarts. But uninteresting walking is NOT poetry in motion!

Photographers should design their camerawork to pay attention to and focus on beautiful movement. They can see examples both at http://poetryinmotion.info as well as another Pin the Tail On The Culture site: http://fannyandtheassets.com, where five different exercise videos emphasize the beauty of BOOTY-full curves.

Exercise Videos with Healthy Images and Healthy Messages

Pin the Tail on the Culture’s exercise videos (available at http://fannyandtheassets.com) have no skinny ladies (and skinny ladies won't win the walking contest either) and no adamant instructions on losing fat or getting skinny, just encouragement to be healthy with regular exercise done to pleasant music.


The exercise videos and walking contest both tell women they're okay as they are and needn't starve themselves to conform to the prevailing skin and bones fad. The videos provide better and healthier body role models for women to exercise with. And the contest tells women that no matter whether they’re pretty or homely, and whether they have large sized backsides, thighs, or chests or just average, they can be very beautiful walkers that are truly poetry in motion to watch.

Why Is This Newsworthy?

About the Contest Sponsor

Pin the Tail on the Culture is committed to providing alternative images of women in the media. It can be found on the web at:

Contact: Michelle Taylor at Pin the Tail on the Culture: here .

(Please note: this email address accepts NO advertising solicitations! Thank you.)

Complete Interview footage is available, time: 1:57 or 7:53, your choice AVI DV or MPEG2—use any portion as B-roll if you wish. As a significant media outlet, we know that you can get these by contacting your affiliates or satellite uplink resources.

This release is available online at: http://poetryinmotion.info/press.html

CONTEST CANCELLED—changed to "clip submission for cash" opportunity