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Bootyful AND Beautiful! This must be heaven! Read below the pictures for details about our BOOTYFUL exercise videos!

Bootyful AND Beautiful!
These are the words that come to mind as you view these pretty ladies doing exercises. There are 10 different exercise types and 5 different DVDs that feature NO nagging during exercise, NO telling you to diet or change or get rid of fat. These tapes see you as perfect just as you are, and there's even a separate motivational section where you can learn various self-esteem boosters in case all those oppressive dieting ads on TV have managed to convince you you're somehow unacceptable!

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Making Websites or Brochures, or Shooting Videos and Need Backgrounds or Establishing Shots?Read below!

FREE and Cheap Backgrounds!
How does two jam-packed DVDs with over 8.5 gigabytes of AVIs and JPEGs sound? And for under $3! You also get a 17-page tutorial (PDF and Word) that has everything you'll need to know about how to use these photos and these AVI videos as backgrounds, including tools you will need, how to edit them, and even info on using optional tools like Ulead Media Studio Pro 7 or 8, Serious Magic's Ultra 2, and green screens. There's an abundance of good, clear examples even a novice could follow. Special Price: $2.99 with free shipping.

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"The contest comes in the fledgling stages of a much needed 'sanity-in-weight' movement, and it’s designed to let women know they’re OK as is; they don’t need to starve themselves to conform to Western culture’s idea of stick-figure beauty." -- Julie Deardorff

"I was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa in 1976, when little was known about it. What influenced me primarily in my quest to become stick-thin were the images in the media. I recall reading in either Cosmo or Glamor that you were "thin enough" when you could lay down on your back, and place a ruler on your hip bones; if there was space beneath the ruler, you were thin enough! At age 47, although I am "recovered", I still carry some of the "not thin enough" demons with me." -- E Huntley

"At last sanity seems to be creeping into the fashion industry. Even a BMI of 18 is really thin, but I suppose the line has to be drawn somewhere. Bravo Madrid! There's nothing more attractive than a fit woman with real curves. I am saddened by recent pictures of once beautiful young actresses now reduced to (mottled) skin and bones by overdieting, and I dread to think what long-term damage they are doing to their bodies. If the fashion industry and groups like Pin the Tail on the Culture can help women see the beauty of a healthy weight, they will be saving the health of millions." --J. S.

"I think the walk they're looking for was archetyped rather well in the movie 'Some Like It Hot.' As Marilyn Monroe is walking away from Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon, Jack comments...'she looks...sort of like Jell-O on springs.' Yes, my, my, yes." --Tom

"Instead of telling little girls 'you must be thin to be pretty' or 'we love you even at a 35 BMI,' why don't we say 'eat right, take up a sport, avoid Frito Lay products, and become an interesting and intelligent person - beauty will take care of itself.'" --Mathhew Weflen

"Since books about healthy body role models never get read and speeches about it are not listened to and doctors warnings are rarely heeded, should women just give up their quests to end this oppressive, unhealthy situation? In my opinion, women owe it to themselves to come up with every creative idea they can think of to aid this quest, since the UNcreative ideas (more books and speeches) are NOT working!" --Michelle Taylor


Michelle Taylor at Pin the Tail on the Culture: here


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Interview Video:

Complete Interview footage is available, time: 1:57 or 7:53, your choice AVI DV or MPEG2—use any portion as B-roll if you wish. As a significant media outlet, we know that you can get these by contacting your affiliates or satellite uplink resources. If you cannot locate them, contact us at the email address above.

Our Position on the "Body Fat is Evil" Fad

That link is here.

CONTEST CANCELLED—changed to "clip submission for cash" opportunity